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Our Mission

The mission of the Matrix Wrestling Club is to assist  its' athletes in achieving their dreams of becoming  the best possible wrestler that they can be. The Matrix Wrestling Club  believes in providing quality clinicians and technicians, exposing its' wrestler to highest ranking tournament competition,

Our Vision

The vision of the Matrix Wrestling  Club is to continue to help  athletes strive for excellence in Folk style, Freestyle, and Greco Roman Styles of  wrestling. The club aims to improve the level of wrestling at the grassroots level, as well. The Matrix Wrestling Club athletes and clinicians use the sport of wrestling to teach discipline, goal orientation, and sportsmanship to our youth. This instills the confidence and leadership qualities necessary for young people to reach their full potential.

Our Goals

* Build and promote a Matrix Mat Club Wrestling Facility to train generation after generation of State, World Class, and Olympics hopefuls.

* To promote A  Matrix Wrestling Club Tournament  as the premiere wrestling event in the United States.

* Develop opportunities for the Matrix Wrestling Club athletes through individual sponsorships, fundraising, and assistance to go on to the Championship status that they strive for.