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MAWA Quakertown  {If we missed anyone please e-mail }usRegion                                                                                                                                                  Bantam

40lbs  Matt Parker                  1st Champion                     


44lbs. Dan Moran                   1st Champion


44lbs. Zack Ortman                4th Place


48lbs. Byayson Haas              1st Champion


73lbs Adam Soldridge             5th Place



50lbs  Scott Parker                  1st Champion


50lbs  Dustin Steffenio            3rd Place


54lbs  Chad Haegele               1st  Champion


54lbs Michael Scheetz            4th Place


54lbs Lee Todoro                  6th Place


58lbs Richie Cerebe                 1st Champion


70lbs Brian Jastrzebskie           1st Champion


70lbs Josh Ortman                    2nd Place



58lbs Darien Cruz                    1st Champion


58lbs Dante Steffenio              3rd Place


62lbs Dylan Steffenio              6th Place


70lbs Bryan Isreal                   6th Place


78lbs Jason Stephen                1st Champion


105lbs Luke Garner                 5th Place


115lbs Jimmy Wade                3rd.Place



70lbs Randy Cruz                   1st Champion


75lbs Jayden Rice                   6th Place


80lbs Jeff Rinker                     3rd Place


105lbs Colin Hedash                6th Place


110lbs Chris Jastrzebski         3rd Place


120lbs Landon Flood              3rd Place


120lbs Ian Gimbar                  5th Place




125lbs Domenic DeRobertis   1st Champion


125lbs Jarrett Hirst                2nd Place


125lbs Creamer Hedash        3rd Place


189lbs Matt Santi                  2nd Place




108lbs Frank Cimato            1st Champion


108lbs Desmond Moore       3rd Place


South Region


66lbs Joshua DiSanto            3rd.Place


189lbs Casey Hedash            3rd Place


West Region


115lbs Colin Shober             1st champion


North Region




50lbs Al Ciccitto                  1st Champion


PJW State Championship

At Johnstown 2006


10 Under


45lbs Dan Moran                7th Place


50lbs Scott Parker              State Champion Gold Medalist


50lbs Dustin Steffenio       3rd Place Bronze Medalist


55lbs Darien Cruz             State Champion Gold Medalist


70lbs Bryan Jastrzebski    State Champion Gold Medalist


12 Under


65lbs Devion Lottito           4th Place


70lbs Randy Cruz              2nd Place Silver Medalist


70lbs Nathan Giorgio        5th Place

2006 MAWA Salisbury East District


Bantam 40lbs.  Matt Parker 1st Place

Bantam 44lbs.  Dan Moran 1st Place

Bantam 44lbs.  Zack Ortman 2nd Place

Bantam 48lbs.  Steven Crouse 2nd Place

Bantam 73lbs   Adam Solridge 2nd Place

Bantam 73lbs   Jody Crouse    3rd Place


Midget 50lbs.  Scott Parker 1st Place

Midget 54lbs.  Chad Haegele 1stPlace

Midget 54lbs.  Michael Scheetz 2nd Place

Midget 54lbs.  Lee Todora  3rd Place

Midget 58lbs. Richie Cerebe 1st Place

Midget 70lbs  Bran Jastrzebskie 1st Place

Midget 70lbs  Josh Ortman  2nd Place

Midget 75lbs  Zack Bradley  4th Place


Junior 58lbs  Darien Cruz 1st Place

Junior 58lbs. Tyler Harka 2nd Place

Junior 62lbs  Brandon Summer 3rd. Place

Junior 66lbs   Nick Haegle 2nd Place

Junior 70lbs  Brian Isreal 1st Place

Junior 74lbs  Ryan Torda 1st Place

Junior 74lbs  Michael Ortiz 2nd Place

Junior 78lbs  Jason Stevens 1st Place

Junior 82lbs  Travis Buddock 4th Place

Junior 86lbs  Connor Hedash 1st Place

Junior 105lbs. Luke Garner 2nd Place


Intermediate 75lbs Randy Cruz 1st Place

Intermediate 80lbs Richy Cruz 3rd Place

Intermediate 100lbs Michael Serrano 3rd Place

Intermediate 105lbs Colin Hedash 3rd. Place

Intermediate  110lbs Chris Jastrzebski 3rd Place

Intermediate  120Lbs Landon Flood 1st Place

Intermediate  120lbs  Ian Gimbar 3rd Place

Intermediate  146lbs  Curtis Garner 3rd Place


Advanced  125lbs Creamer Hedash 1st Place

Advanced  125lbs  Jarrett Hirst  2nd Place

Advanced 152lbs  Kyle Deeds 4th Place

Advanced 189lbs  Matt Santi 3rd Place


Elite 125lbs Andrew Arnold 1st Place

Elite 140lbs Jeff Rinker 3rd Place