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From the desk of Bill Allen

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 To all members and furture members 

  I would like to welcome all Team Matrix members/new members to the upcoming  Winter season.We have added the thursday night session in at no additional cost to help improve are Athletes. Team  Matrix will be entering in dual meet compition in the very near furture, we will need are Athletes to sign up with the Team Matrix Director Bill Allen .Any Wrestler that wants to be on Team Matrix EliteTournament Team needs to join Team Matrix Because we are not trying to pick a    Team from outside the club ,We want the Team to come from Matrix I also have included a tournament listing on the home page that I feel that the club needs to be involved in to improve are wrestling skills at every level.We also will make other improvement in the club as needed. Feel free to imput us any ideals that you think might help the club to improve. It has been a busy summer, As your director I will be bringing on a new international director so we can provide are wrestlers with trips overseas and international compition here in the states. Parents looking for imput on your wrestler record and what they accomplished last year so we can update or add to our wrestlers profile / picture page. Looking forward to 2005-2006 season
Team Matrix Director Bill Allen

  Team Matrix A Level Above The Rest