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Ricky Bonomo Clinic Date: 01/09/2006 Time: 6PM to 7.30 PM

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Team Matrix Special Clinic: Ricky Bonomo Better Know AS The One of the Ninja Twins Learn The Techniques That the Ninja Used to Dominate His Opponents. This Is A Must See Clinic: Also Train With the Matrix Elite Team. Do Not Be Left Out Register Early This Clinic As Limited Space Availble  For More Information Contact Matrix Wrestling At (610) 391-8915 Or E-Mail:

Ricky Bonomo Clinic Registration





 Schuykill Valley,  Ricky Bonomo Clinic 03/19/06 or Any Sunday Night in June 2006




Cost of USA Card (All members must have a current USA card.)



 MATRIX t-shirts $12.00 each 

                 Shorts $25.00 each

Childs    Ts:       S       M        L

          Shorts:      S       M        L

Adults    Ts:       S       M        L        XL        XXL       XXXL  

            Shorts:    S       M        L        XL        XXL       XXXL                                                                  

         Shorts:       S       M        L        Xl          XXL    

T Shirts (E)



Shorts (E)


$20.00 Adults




Discount for Second Child per Family {3rd + Child Free Sibling only}

- $5.00


Discount for Teams of Ten or More Wrestlers (Per Wrestler)

Teams need to hand team rosters in on sign up night to receive team discount

{You can not receive discount for Team and family discount together}

- $5.00


Send to: Matrix Wrestling, 3546 Broadway, Allentown, PA  18104  

For Information: Contact Matrix Wrestling At (610) 391-8915




Name:___________________   _____  _______________________




 State______ Zip: ________ Telephone: (____)______-_________


Grade______ Birth Date ___________ Age ___ Weight_________


School _____________________ USA Card No. ______________


I grant permission my son/daughter to participate in the Matrix Wrestling program and agree to hold harmless all coaches, officers, and the Schuykill Valley High School And Schuykill Valley School District in the event of injury, which could occur during their participation in the sport of wrestling. Further, I/ we authorize the Matrix wrestling representatives to provide emergency treatment of injury and or illnesses of my/ our child if qualified medical personal consider treatment necessary. This authorization is granted only if  I/we cannot be reached.

Wrestlers Signature:_________________________________Date_________

Parents/Guardian                   Signature:_________________________________Date_________

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